4 Ways To Create Calmer And More Relaxed Surroundings At Home

After a tiresome day at work, you want to retreat to a place where you can relax and de-stress. While for some of you, a spa or gym easily comes to mind, it is to be in the comforts of their own home for many.

But what if this very place you come home to does not provide the relaxation you are hoping for, and worse, it seems to be adding to your already overwhelming stresses? Isn’t it supposed to be your tranquil haven where you will feel safe and more comfortable than any other place?

If you find that your house is just a roof over your head and not much else, it’s time to turn on its zen. The following housekeeping tips embody calm and relaxation that may have eluded your home until now.

Declutter, declutter, declutter!

The best way to begin the process of transforming your home into a more relaxing space is not just to remove clutter but also to prevent it from piling up again. And for this, you will need storage containers, perhaps lots of them.

But first, there are two types of clutter, one that needs to be purged and the other to be stashed. Alternatively, it could be stuff you use too often, which you leave lying around, or something you don’t use anymore; they are clutter nonetheless. Determine which is which so you’ll know how to deal with them.

A good example would be clothes that have been sitting in your closet for a long time. If you don’t wear them because they have gone out of style, waiting for ten years or more for them to become a trend again may be impractical. Unless you have an endless amount of closet space, they are nothing but more than clutter at this point.

Beware of trash disguised as clutter; it is trash indeed, and the bin is where it should be. Then there’s sentimental clutter, which we have to admit, is perhaps that hardest to part with. Instead of simply throwing such items and living with a guilty conscience, why not repurpose some of them by converting them into a piece of wall art? Or place them in a storage rental if you can.


Decluttering can be tedious and time-consuming; hence it’s no surprise why people tend to procrastinate. As such, best to do this when you have a free day. Ensure you have storage boxes, trash bags, and plastic bags for those you will dispose of or donate to Goodwill or elsewhere. You will find your home to be a less stressful place afterward. Who knows, you might even rediscover gems that have been hiding in your clutter all along.

Prioritize cleaning over interior decorating

You know what they say; cleanliness is next to godliness. No matter how much you keep everything in order and jazzed up, it cancels whatever benefit it has if your home surroundings are filthy.

Whether your home fails the swipe test or is visibly dirty, you’ve got to tidy it up. Cleaning is fundamental and should take precedence over anything else. While cleaning can be a chore that many hate, it can also be a means of de-stressing for others. Oh, and by the way, the majority of happy people live in clean and organized houses.

A clean house creates a relaxing ambiance, not to mention a healthier environment with cleaner air. Establish a consistent cleaning schedule and involve everyone in your household, including your young kids. It can begin with small tasks such as making their bed or storing their toys after use.

Rethink your color palette

Despite being all clean and orderly, you know how a house would still not be as calm-inducing; it has likely something to do with color. After all, colors and emotions are intertwined such that colors evoke emotions and vice-versa.

Colors impact our brains by releasing chemicals that manifest on our physical and emotional well-being. That is why some individuals would experience a faster heart rate when they see red literally. Or how the color green is used in operating rooms as it supposedly has healing properties, or at least, that’s how it will make the patient feel.

When it comes to colors that evoke calmness and relaxation, neutrals, pastels, and muted tones come to mind. The fewer colors are used in your interiors, the more calming it feels to the occupants.

A lilac tone may bring balance and a sense of inner peace. While pinks tend to be overstimulating for many because they often come in the brightest and most vibrant hues, pastel pink can actually introduce a peaceful element to a space.

Another surprising example is gray, which is often associated with being boring or gray weather. On the contrary, the right shade of gray is the perfect neutral to pair with any color and still produce a calming effect.

Incorporate greenery and natural elements

Still haven’t gotten into the houseplant bandwagon? If you just came out of a rock, hop on now and start with a snake plant or pothos because it’s always better late than never.

Many people have turned to plants to help cope with the recent trying times. Their calming effect is a well-known benefit aside from their inherent beauty that can complement home interiors. It is worth noting that oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange makes for a symbiotic relationship between people and plants. As air purifiers, indoor plants help relieve tension and stress, creating a relaxed atmosphere in your house.

Since plants are generally grown in nature, most of them will require a good amount of light. They must be placed in areas where sunshine comes through. This natural lighting does not only make your plants thrive, but it also adds to the relaxing and happy vibe in your home.

You can also add more natural touches by bringing in wood and stone structures. And before you say expensive, you don’t have to purchase those pricey wooden antiques and stone sculptures to achieve your ultimate zen. Instead, grab small decor like wooden frames or place pebbles in a terrarium, which can help bring calm to any residence.

Looking for something that will instantly make your home more spa-like? Check out our hand-picked massage chairs, bath tubs for adults and foot spas to make that happen.

When you turn your home into a calming and relaxing space using the tips we’ve shared in this article, there’s no other place you’d rather be.

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